How to Look Great in Plus Size Dresses?
Maxi dresses are great for those who are plus-sized. They cover up unflattering parts of the body relatively easily by being so flowing.

However, not everyone looks great in a maxi dress. It is important to find one that will suit your figure and style.

Here are some tips to wear plus size maxi dresses with confidence.

plus size dress
Plus-size dress

1- Avoid Horizontal Stripes

Stripes can be good but always go for the vertical ones. Vertical ones give the look that you are much taller and this helps to take inches from around your waist and legs.

Horizontal stripes will make you look bigger than you already are, especially when the stripes are around the waistline.

While the stripes may look cool, try the dress on and think about how you really look in it.

If you are in doubt, as a friend to go along to give you their honest opinion; and don’t be offended if they tell you to try something else.

2- Add a Waist Trainer Around the Waist

Adding a belt or waist trainers around the waist can create the look that you have always wanted.

If you already have an owl glass shape, the belt or a waist trainer will accentuate it more. However, this needs to be at the waist and not the hips.

Wearing a belt at the hips will draw others’ eye-line to there and show off the area that you have wanted to hide.

3- Prefer Wearing Heals with Your Dresses

The taller you look, the thinner you will look. This is because taller people are able to carry more weight naturally.

To help with that, wear a pair of heels. You may find that this actually helps to keep the dress off the floor.

However, make sure that you are comfortable in your shoes. If you rarely wear heels and struggle to walk in them, you will look clumsy and unnatural.

Wearing a maxi dress with style is about using a few tricks on the eye. Vertical stripes and heels will make you look much taller, which helps you look thinner.

When you wear bold prints and horizontal stripes, the eyes will be drawn to the most problematic areas and you will look bigger than you really are.

Dress for your shape as well as your style and size.